This one is for sharing



Okay! All I am thinking right now is: this ought to be shared. What???!!! Phthalates? Yes! They seem to pop up used in products I could not even come up with myself. This nice salad bowl, bought yesterday at a lovely interior decorating place over here in the Netherlands.


I pictured it with, well: a salad, and then I found this warning (#thankyouwarning):

This products contains DEHP, a Phthalate Chemical, Lead and other chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

WTF! (Excuse my french). Seriously! What about your tableware? CheckCheckDoubleCheck.








What a great example of Living Light!

On Facebook, I ran into this video of Andrew Morrison (thanks for sharing Miranda!), in which he guides us through his tiny house. Wow! This tiny house is amazing! It seems very complete, it is mobile and completely sustainable. True inspiration. They created so much space to simple live. I just had to share. Check it our for yourself!





As most victims of MH17  arrived home in the last couple of days, we welcomed them with the respect and dignity they so very much deserved. We all went out to pay our respects, feel with and simply be silent for the surviving relatives. Thank you humanity.

How on earth do you move on after such a loss? Would you dare to feel your way through? Will you be able to share fears and feelings with your loved ones?  Or are you convinced that you have to mourn all by yourself and distance yourself from others?  What works for you?

From my heart to yours….. farewell, may you all rest in peace.



When life comes to a full stop.

Imagine the day comes that you finally will be able to travel the way you’ve always wanted to do, imagine you are about to visit a relative you haven’t seen in ages. Or….imagine you are part of a group of top class scientists on their way to an AIDS conference in Australia. And now imagine…. them all gone.

Nearly 300 innocent human beings died after boarding MH017 last week. Nearly 200 of them were Dutch. Not only their lifes came to a full stop, but also the lifes of their relatives/friends/colleagues that stayed behind. They waved them goodbye, a last kiss before they disappeared. Complete families faded out. Mums, dads, siblings or lovers. All gone. They will never return.

I am in deep shock. Went to the airport to lay flowers. Colorful ones, roses. What better way to memorize Dutchies than bringing them flowers? Goosebumps, emotionally charged, lacked words. Over here in the Netherlands we unite in our grief. I feel their numbness, their disbelief, their dissapointment AND their anger. I send  you my love and support.

You are not alone!





Bag – it

This documentary is from 2010 and was recently aired on television in the Netherlands. I watched it and…… totally changed my outlook on plastic(s) (in my life). Watch the trailer below and stream it through Amazon or Itunes.

It is worth it!



Time Out!

As my last post was posted in April, it is fair to say that I have been absent for awhile.

I needed to do so to find out about my offline/media-less life. What was left of it? And what would happen if i’d slow down a little? I was used to waking up and checking my phone right away. Commuting to work every one was busy on phones, Ipads and E-readers. It is that is what triggered me not to spend so much time online. I started turning my phone off at night, stopped posting blogposts for awhile and watched less and less TV. At first it felt uneasy with all this newborn time on my hands. I used to walk in a certain tred and it took awhile to getting used to less. I could see and notice things I was unable to notice before. And by now, I realize that living light is also my lifestyle in the sense of time and activities. Eyeopener. Check out what I ran into lately, pretty isn’t it?










It’s been five years….

Gosh! Time flies is what they say. I have to tell you that it feels that way but only in hindsight. Five years ago, I decided to start a business in the field of organizing and support. I had the honor to work with the best teachers in the business; my clients. At the beginning of this year I realized that I wanted to distinct myself and experienced that being unorganized usually is just a symptom of things that do not add up in people’s lives. It’s interesting to see how other relate to their belongings and  what that brings them. Over the years I have heard a lot of excuses. I also bumped into this fear of living to the fullest. I have to admit that times are changing and that people really have a need to do things differently. Chapeau! Let this blog inspire you to live your life simplified. And cheers to five years of supporting you to get the most out of life!

The (dis)comfort of accepting help

The title above says it all. Instead of a title like ‘the difficulty of accepting help’ i’d prefer the comfort of accepting it.  It took me forever before I allowed anyone to help me out in rough times, but now I can say I am doing pretty well. I was conditioned to always be strong and independent. Being vulnerable and accepting help was pretty much non-existent. How wrong was I?

It was safe to be in control, or at least to have the feeling that I was (even though not always), at the same time I kept people at a safe distance (far far away). Up until the moment that accepting help was no longer a choice (it was highly necessary). It forced me to accept. Resistance wore me out and giving in was the only option. In hindsight pretty awesome. Right then it sucked!

Why are we so persistent to admit that we need help? We are human beings, we make flaws and we get to learn from them. All I can say is that it helped me tremendously. The comfort of help really isn’t bad, it is supposed to make things better!

What’s your currency?

Give and take is in general something we do on a regular bases. It is essential in pretty much any relationship we have in life, right? Some of us have learned to give more than to take and others do the total opposite; they take.

Have been wondering about this: what is your currency? How much value do you place on yourself? How do you value others? Are you a giver? A borrower? A taker? What describes you best in the help department? Do you accept help easily? Or is receiving  unusual for you? How many sincere thank you’s have you spread out in the world lately? How many do-goods have you performed? Ever done something without expecting anything back (right away)?

What does it feel like when you are in debt with someone? Are you (still) paying your dues for things you have messed up over in life? The subject of giving and taking is endless in every level of life! What’s the balance on your (emotional) bankaccount? Worth a thought!